Anatomy of the Popliteus Muscle and Posterolateral Structures

  • C. Fabbriciani
  • M. Oransky
Conference paper


The popliteus muscle is the most important structure on the lateral side of the knee. In the early years of this century this was studied by many authors [for instance, in the fundamental monography of Fürst (1903)]. Thereafter, however, it was neglected for a long time. At present its importance is well-recognised. Its muscular fibres originate from the medial side just behind the medial lateral ligament and the semimembranous tendon to which the fibres are strictly connected. These fibres end in a complex aponeurotic structure that we divide here into three sections (capsular, meniscal, fibular) and in a strong tendon. The aponeurotic structure is very important, and knowledge about it allows us to understand the original function of the popliteus muscle.


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  • C. Fabbriciani
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  • M. Oransky
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  1. 1.Clinica Ortopedica dell’Università Cattolica S. CuoreRomaItaly

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