Granitoids of Sumatra and the Tin Islands

  • Wikarno
  • D. A. D. Suyatna
  • S. Sukardi


The granitoid study by the Geological Research and Development Centre (GRDC) started in 1980. The investigation began in the Lampung area of the southernmost part of Sumatra and gradually moved northward to the Bengkulu, Jambi, and Tapanuli areas. In 1983 the investigation was carried out in collaboration with Dr. E.J. Cobbing and Dr. D.I.J. Mallick, geologists of the British Geological Survey (BGS). Since 1982, the Overseas Division of the BGS has carried out a South East Asian Granite Project which covers Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Together with GRDC staff, they undertook six weeks of field work on the tin island granitoids and spent two weeks in West Sumatra and the South Tapanuli granites.


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