A Case of Syringomyelia of the Conus Medullaris with Arnold-Chiari Malformations: Pre- and Post-operative Study Using Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • M. Djindjian
  • P. Brugieres
  • J. F. Eizenbaum
Conference paper


A 58-year old woman presenting symptoms of progressive paraparesis was found, after computed tomographic (CT) scan, myelography and angiography, to have an idiopathic syringomyelia at the T11–T12 level. After syringotomy, she improved during the next month.


Anterior Spinal Artery Conus Medullaris Hindbrain Hernia Tonsillar Descent Progressive Paraparesis 
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  • M. Djindjian
  • P. Brugieres
  • J. F. Eizenbaum

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