The morphology of the pancreas in human diabetes has long received much attention. In 1845, more than 40 years before Von Mering and Minkowski [105] demonstrated that pancreatectomy results in the advent of diabetes, autopsy findings had led Bouchardat to the concept that diabetes is a pancreatic disease [11]. From this time on, many studies have improved our knowledge of the normal and diabetic pancreas. The most decisive one was the discovery of the islets by Langerhans in 1869 [51], followed, 30 years later, by the recognition of their heterogeneous composition [16]. In the early 1920s islet abnormalities were detected in the pancreas of diabetic patients [12, 49, 67, 90]. In 1951, about 30 years after the discovery of insulin by Banting and Best [3], the development of a bioassay for this hormone permitted differentiation of different forms of diabetes [9].


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