Kinetics of Adatom Ordering on Surfaces

  • J. D. Gunton
Part of the Springer Series in Surface Sciences book series (SSSUR, volume 8)


Chemisorbed and physisorbed systems provide in principle a rich testing ground for the study of pattern formation in systems undergoing phase transitions. This topic belongs to the general area of the kinetics of first order phase transitions, which involves the evolution of systems initially far from equilibrium to equilibrium, ordered states. The basic physics involves an understanding of interface instabilities in particular and the kinetics of topological defects in general. The field as such has a long history, involving experimental studies of systems such as liquid-gas, binary fluids, multicomponent alloys, intercalated compounds, and superfluids and superconductors. Only rather recently have detailed studies begun of similar phenomena in surface science. The article by K. Heinz in this volume provides a comprehensive summary of the current status of experimental work in this field. It also provides a thorough analysis of the difficulties involved in typical diffraction experiments. The general field has profited by computer simulation studies, which in surface science was initiated by a study of phase separation in a lattice gas model of 0/W(110) by SAHNI and GUNTON [1]. The difficulties involved in such Monte Carlo studies have been critically reviewed recently by MILCHEV et al [2].


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