Pancreatic and Periampullar Carcinoma

  • W. Hohenberger
  • H. Zirngibl
  • F. P. Gall


It is useful to differentiate malignant tumours of the exocrine pancreas from periampullar carcinomas, even though the lesions often cannot be classified until surgery and in 10% of cases, identification is possible only on examination of the surgical specimen (Longmire and Traverso 1981; Warren et al. 1975). The difference lies mainly in the prognosis. Periampullar carcinomas cause obstructive jaundice at an early stage and are frequently only a few millimetres in diameter at the time of diagnosis. Lymphogenous and hematogenous metastases are less common and, with adequate techniques, the tumours can thus be resected curatively in about 70%–90% of cases.


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