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The concepts of order-disorder that were developed for alloys (e.g. Christian 1965; Krivoglaz and Smirnov 1965) must be extended for feldspars to take into account (a) the low symmetry of atomic sites in the crystal structure, (b) charge linkage between ions occupying different sites, and (c) sluggishness of atomic migration resulting in extensive development of metastable atomic configurations. The present account incorporates ideas from Barth (1934 a, b, 1959, 1969a,b), Goldsmith and Laves (1954a), Laves (1950, 1952b, 1960b), McConnell (1970, 1978), Megaw (1959, 1960b, 1962), Smith (1970), Smith and MacKenzie (1961) and Thompson (1969, 1970). Further ideas are given in Chapter 5, and thermochemical aspects in Chapter 22.


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