Snoring as a Risk Factor for Ischaemic Heart Disease and Stroke in Men

  • M. Koskenvuo
  • J. Kaprio
  • T. Telakivi
  • M. Partinen
  • K. Heikkilä
  • S. Sarna


Heavy snoring, which is practically always present in obstructive sleep apnoea, seems to correlate with arterial hypertension [1-6]. During sleep, apnoeic patients may develop hypoxaemia and hypercapnia in association with a rise in pulmonary and systemic arterial pressure, and there may be increased susceptibility to cardiac arrhythmias [7-11]. Cardiac index decreases during an apnoeic episode and increases significantly on resumption of ventilation [12]. There is increasing evidence for a correlation of snoring with cardiovascular disease. Cross-sectional surveys have indicated an association with ischaemic heart disease (IHD) [13] and with angina pectoris [6]. A case-control study [14] of stroke patients found a relative risk (RR) of 2.8 for snoring, and 10.8 for habitual snoring. Prospective studies of snoring in relation to cardiovascular disease have not been reported.


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  • M. Koskenvuo
  • J. Kaprio
  • T. Telakivi
  • M. Partinen
  • K. Heikkilä
  • S. Sarna

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