Bypasses to isolated popliteal artery

  • D. Raithel
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Tibial reconstructions show a relatively high occlusion rate, both with autologous saphenous vein, prosthetic grafts or biological materials. The patency with autologous saphenous vein was after 1 year 78%; 64% proved to be patent after 2 years; 60% were patent after 3 years, and 47% after 5 years (6–7). Tibial reconstructions with PTFE had patency rates of nearly 68% after 1 year, 37% after 3 years, and 28% after 5 years (6). The group of composite grafts (PTFE/saphenous vein) in tibial position had patency rates of 57, 37, and 34% at 1, 3, and 5 years.


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