Intraoperative Fibrinklebung der Leistenwunde bei gefäßchirurgischen Eingriffen

  • Horst Hamann
Conference paper
Part of the Berliner Gefäßchirurgische Reihe book series (BERLINGEFÄß, volume 5)


Protracted lymph drainage or lymph fistulae in the inguinal region following vascular surgery are troublesome and sometimes serious complications which require long-term treatment and show an increased local infection rate. Although the tissue-saving preparation, ligature of the larger visible lymph vessels and drainage of the wound are the most important factors for the avoidance of lymph seromas and fistulae, additional fibrin sealing achieves a tight closure of even the smallest lymph vessels.

In a prospective randomized study, we were able to prove the value of fibrin sealant for the prophylaxis of lymph complications in the inguinal region. Not a single patient of the fibrin sealing group (n = 25) developed protracted lymph drainage, whereas in the control group (n = 25) three lymph seromas and one lymph fistula (followed by a deep wound infection) occurred.


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  • Horst Hamann
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  1. 1.Gefäßchirurgische KlinikKreiskrankenhaus LeonbergLeonbergGermany

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