Dual distribution of cardiac hormones (CDD/ANP) in the heart and brain of vertebrates

  • M. Reinecke
  • D. Betzler
  • H. Segner
  • W. G. Forssmann


About four years ago, several research groups independently isolated and characterized cardiac hormones from the atrial appendages of some mammalian species. As a consequence of the different isolation procedures and the accompaning bioassays (diuresis-natriuresis, vasodilation) used, a variety of cardiac hormone candidates were presented under different names (3,7,20). However, mainly based on cDNA studies (13,17,18,28) it recently became evident that the different peptides are members of the same family and are derived from a preprohormone, which is cleaved resulting in a peptide of 126 amino acids, i.e., gamma-ANP (15) or cardiodilatin- (CDD-) 126 (8,9). This prohormone contains in its C-terminal portion the final circulating form consisting of 28 amino acids, i.e. alpha-ANP (14) which is identical to CDD-28 (99–126) (7).


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  • D. Betzler
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  • H. Segner
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  • W. G. Forssmann
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