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  • Stanley Peart


Somebody earlier today said that it would be a difficult act to follow, and I think David has proved that is likely to be true. I think I ought to tell you a few things about David, but the first thing before I set out on that task is to say how delighted we are, Peggy and I, to see you all here; you are here not only because we are retiring, but here for a very special reason, all of you; because in various ways you have touched both our lives and you have had a considerable influence on us, and I like to think in a smaller way, we have had a certain effect on you. The great pleasure for me personally has been to see that people I’ve thought had worth — you must agree with this! — have, in fact, justified that sort of faith, because as I look around, you are here because there is a sense of real friendliness about you all — you are not just here because you have been on the Unit or because we had a friendly relation here or there — you are here just because you have had a very special place in all our thoughts. And when I come down to the things which I value most, I feel very comforted by the fact that, as I look around, I see people who have gone on doing things on their own account and have made their own mark in medicine and science, and that is the very best thing that I have ever done by a long, long way.


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