Diskussion IX

  • P. Deetjen
  • A. Preisinger
Conference paper
Part of the Fortschritte der Urologie und Nephrologie book series (2824, volume 26)


I rather agree with you that the alkali therapy was responsible. We have seen this as well. I wonder if people now think that time has come when we should stop advising alkali therapy for cystinuria because, in order to make it work, you have to raise the pH considerably and then you have the risk of apatite formation on the cystine nucleates. So I think alkali therapy might be good if there are no cystine stones in place, but if there are, I think that the time has come to say we should not really give alkali therapy. I wonder if you or other people agree?

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  • P. Deetjen
  • A. Preisinger

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