Urinary pH and Calcium Oxalate Crystallization

  • H.-G. Tiselius
Conference paper
Part of the Fortschritte der Urologie und Nephrologie book series (2824, volume 22)


Previous studies have shown that, whereas urinary pH is of limited importance for the ion activity product and solubility of calcium oxalate, crystals of calcium oxalate are rare in alkaline urine (Hallson and Rose 1978; Gregory et al. 1981; Gregory 1981). Furthermore, it was observed that the inhibition of calcium oxalate crystal growth in diluted urine was increased at high pH values (Tiselius 1981). Information on the crystallization of calcium oxalate in whole urine is scanty, and the present study was undertaken in order to get information on how calcium oxalate precipitates in urine which is supersaturated with calcium oxalate at different pH levels.


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