Image Analysis for Micro- and Macrostructure Measurement

  • H. J. Tiziani
Part of the Informatik aktuell book series (INFORMAT)


Interferometric metrology, confocal microscopy, triangulation and Moiré techniques are well introduced. Furthermore, the detection of defects can be a powerful tool. Computer based analysis is essential as well as new technology and components. The market for shape, defects, deviation or position measurement is continuously growing. High frame rate and high flexibility are needed. Matrix liquid crystal displays (LCD), both electrically or optically addressed are able to display gray values. Digital micromirror devices (DMD) are a basis to lead to a couple of new applications. LCDs enable a instantaneous adjustment of the projection brightness. Both confocal microscopy and white light interferometry are image plane localisating methods. These are of advantage for high resolution microscopic and macroscopic measurements and to determine the shape of rough technical surfaces. Optically addressed crystals enable new possibilities in analog real time image processing. They are able to detect defects in periodic media and microstructures just by using polarization properties. This is of major interest in microelectronic manufacturing today and even more in the near future.


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  • H. J. Tiziani
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  1. 1.Institut für Technische OptikUniversität StuttgartGermany

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