Medium-Term Results of Cementless Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement Prosthesis (LINK S.T.A.R.) for Osteoarthritis

  • H. Kofoed


Treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint has been claimed to be best solved with arthrodesis [1]. This statement solely reflects arthrodesis com pared with the results of the first-generation ankle prosthesis which has demonstrated a poor survival It is also understood that healing of arthrodesis is synonymous with satisfactory clinical results. In a number of smaller series, it has also been claimed that 90% or more of arthrodesis cases with osteoarthritis leads to healing. These statements cannot be tested in an open series of ankle arthroplasty, but such a series can test whether the second-generation ankle arthroplasty with cementless fixation would have medium-term results for osteoarthritis cases that are acceptable.


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