First Experience and Early Results with an Uncemented Total Ankle Arthroplasty

  • E. Funke
  • P. Rippstein
  • U. Munzinger
Conference paper


Ankle arthroplasty is still a controversial procedure. In a long-term follow-up, Kofoed [1] demonstrated very good results and stated that it may be the treatment of choice for painful degenerated ankle joints. On the other hand, there is increasing concern about the long-term results of ankle ar throdesis [2, 3], regarding gait pattern, deterioration at a variable rate in the sub-talar and mid-tarsal joints and possibly even in the knee joint. Being aware of the limitations of ankle arthrodesis, we started in 1996 with the Scandinavian total ankle replacement (STAR) ankle prosthesis.


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  • E. Funke
  • P. Rippstein
  • U. Munzinger

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