A Brief Introduction to Economic Evaluation

  • Niels Neymark
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Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 148)


During recent years, a relatively new academic discipline, health economics, has been growing and has gained increased importance and attention, both in the academic world and in business, public administration, intergovernmental organizations, etc. A growing number of universities are offering courses in health economics and establishing chairs or even specific departments dedicated to research and teaching within this field, and the number of scientific journals focusing on health economics is increasing year by year. The number of people employed as health economists has also been rapidly increasing. This is especially true for the pharmaceutical industry (and perhaps also other important suppliers of products used for the production of health care services), which is increasingly often faced with the need to document the economic value for money of new products. Not surprisingly, then, health economics is very often perceived as identical to one of its (important) subdisciplines, economic evaluation, which was very recently dubbed pharmacoeconomics, for obvious reasons.


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