RNA Extraction from Purified Virus Particles

  • Jeanne Dijkstra
  • Cees P. de Jager
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The extraction procedure involves three consecutive extractions with phenol and three washings of the extracted RNA with 70 % ethanol. Several measures ensure high quality of the RNA:
  • Working under conditions of high pH in which the binding between RNA and coat proteins is weakened

  • Applying macaloid (a clay) to adsorb RNase

  • Use of SDS to denature RNase

  • Adding EDTA for binding oxidising ions, such as Fe3+, which may otherwise generate harmful oxygen radicals

  • Use of redistilled phenol to avoid the presence of oxidised polyphenols

  • Use of chloroform to remove fatty acids

  • Use of isoamyl alcohol to avoid generation of foam due to the presence of SDS


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