Hot-Filament Deposition of Diamond

  • Claus-Peter Klages
  • Lothar Schäfer
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Processing book series (SSMATERIALSPROC)


The historical development of diamond growth under conditions of its thermodynamical metastability can be traced back to the early 1950s, when Eversole at the laboratories of Union Carbide achieved the first overgrowth of diamond from the gas phase on the surface of diamond powder particles, probably before the first successful high-pressure/high-temperature synthesis of diamond. However, the method used at that time was far from being economically viable, owing to a very low yield and the necessity for repeated removal of simultaneously deposited graphite by a treatment in a pure hydrogen atmosphere. A very important breakthrough in the efforts to grow diamond by a chemical vapour deposition process was the finding that this carbon phase can be deposited continuously and largely free from graphite in the presence of a superequilibrium concentration of atomic hydrogen. A comprehensive account of this development, with particular consideration of the contributions by Russian scientists and many references to the original literature, was published recently [5.1].


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