CVD-Diamond Sensors for Temperature and Pressure

  • Matthias Werner
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Processing book series (SSMATERIALSPROC)


A study of the total available market for high-temperature electronics estimates that by the year 2005 roughly 4.7% of high-temperature applications will require devices operating at temperatures in excess of 300°C [13.1]. According to this study, the most important markets for high-temperature electronics are well logging, aerospace and automotive applications. Wide bandgap semiconductors such as diamond, SiC and EH-nitrides are attractive materials for temperatures beyond 300°C, at which conventional devices cannot operate. The figures of merit for diamond are superior to those of all other semiconductors and diamond devices could theoretically demonstrate outstanding performance [13.2]. So far, the lack of large-area single-crystalline substrates and the lack of a significant, controllable n-type conductivity has limited the number of possible devices. Diamond Schottky diodes and active components are discussed in Chap. 17. A detailed study concerning the industrial need for diamond in general is given in Chap. 18. Apart from its ability to operate at high temperatures, diamond is chemically inert against environmental influences and is radiation hard. It may have been that the first diamond sensor application was considered over 70 years ago, with evaluations of natural diamond stones for potential use as radiation detectors [13.3, 4]. With the advent and improvement of chemical vapour deposition of large-area diamond films, new applications become possible, in combination with the outstanding physical properties of diamond. An excellent review concerning passive diamond electronic devices in general was given by Dreifus [13.4]. Currently, thermistors and pressure sensors are being tested at the engineering prototype level. It is expected that diamond sensors for high-temperature applications will penetrate into the market in 1998 [13.1]. This chapter concentrates on two kinds of promising sensing devices; namely, temperature and pressure sensors.


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