P. carinii is a microorganism of uncertain taxonomic position which infects a wide variety of domestic and wild animals. It is regarded as a protophyte or yeast by some or as protozoan by others. It was first isolated from guinea pigs and a Callithrix penicillata (Chagas, 1909 — cit. from Poelma, 1975). P. carinii infections of nonhuman primates were also described in C.aurita, Aotus trivirgatus, Lagothrix lagotricha, Ateles belzebuth, Alouatta fusca, Pan troglodytes, Galago senegalensis, Galagoides demidovii, and Tupaia glis (McClure and Keeling, 1971; Long et al., 1975; Poelma, 1975; Chandler et al., 1976).


Nonhuman Primate Interstitial Pneumonia Alveolar Space Agent Transmissible Lagothrix Lagotricha 
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