Role of Prostaglandins, Interleukin-1, Interferon-γ and Anti-Inflammatory Compounds in the Regulation of Thymocyte Proliferation

  • M. Papiernik
  • F. Homo-Delarche
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T-cell precursors of bone marrow origin migrate to the thymus, where they differentiate and give rise to peripheral mature T-cells. The process of differentiation of T-cells is extremely complex, depending upon their microenvironment and the cells with which they are in contact. Cells which constitute the thymic stroma, mainly thymic epithelial cells of endo-ectodermic origin and thymic accessory cells of bone marrow origin, can modulate T-cell selection, proliferation and differentiation. Cell to cell recognition signals, mainly through class I and class II antigens encoded by the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes, as well as the secretion of factors are implicated in T-cell differentiation.


Toxicity Corticosteroid Interferon Prostaglandin Cyclosporin 


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  • F. Homo-Delarche
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