Hopping Charge Carriers in Molecular Crystals and Biopolymers: The Fröhlich Connection

  • R. Pethig


It is possibly the case for all scholars and researchers that the main thrust of their work is consciously, or subconsciously, influenced by a few key papers and books read in their formative years. For me these took the form of two small books (Fröhlich, 1958; Szent-Györgyi, 1960) and one research note (Fröhlich and Sewell, 1959). Szent-Györgyi’s Introduction to a Submolecular Biology deals with the possibility that the phenomena of molecular charge-transfer interactions and electronic mobility might be of relevance for a full understanding of the subtleties of the living state. This fired off my interest in matters biological and directed me towards the interdisciplinary subject matter of biomolecular electronics. However, the basics of the methodologies of this work were derived from the works of Fröhlich.


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