Influence of the Notochord on the Morphogenesis of the Neural Tube

  • H. W. M. van Straaten
  • J. Drukker
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In embryogenesis a well known phenomenon of induction is the determination of the neural plate as a result of contact between notochordal tissue and ectoderm (Jacobson, 1978). The factors involved in subsequent determination and morphogenesis of the neural tube are less well understood; influences emanating from the mesoderm, ectoderm and notochord together with intrinsic factors are held responsible for this development. Based on the results of isolation and of experimental rotation of the rhombencephalic neural plate in amphibians, Källen (1965) summarized that the alar and basal parts of the neural tube are already determined at the stage of the neural plate, and that there is good evidence for the assumption that many later processes of neural differentiation are already determined at the neural plate stage as well. Similar experiments in chick embryos of 2 days (neural tube just closed) did not lead to a uniform conclusion, which is likely to be caused by differences in experimental procedures (Steding, 1962; Jacob et al.; 1976; Martin, 1977).


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