Evaluation of Visual Acuity and Binocular Vision of Surgically Controlled Congenital Glaucoma

  • C. A. de Carvalho
  • A. J. Betinjane
  • J. A. F. Caldeira
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Forty patients (or 62 eyes) with surgically controlled congenital glaucoma were selected to be submitted to a study of visual acuity and binocular vision. They were divided into two groups of patients, i.e., unilateral and bilateral congenital glaucoma. 64.5% of the 62 eyes reached visual acuity values between 0.6 and 1.0. The correlation between visual acuity and time of diagnosis and initial treatment was discussed. Anisometropia was found in 39% of the unilateral and in 22.7% of the bilateral disease. Ocular fixation as well as different degrees of fusion were also considered for the two groups of patients.


Visual Acuity Intraocular Pressure Axial Length Refractive Error Binocular Vision 
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  • C. A. de Carvalho
    • 1
  • A. J. Betinjane
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  • J. A. F. Caldeira
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