Tentative Biochemical Approach to Fenofibrate Efficacy in Tinnitus Aurium

  • M. Strolin-Benedetti
  • E. Chesne
  • P. Dostert
  • H. Cao Danh
Conference paper
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Reduced blood flow in the inner ear may be one cause of tinnitus and similar disorders of hearing. In this case, inner ear tissue could be in a chronic hypoxic state, that is the oxygen supply to the tissue is insufficient, as postulated by Frèche and Tronche (1983).


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  • M. Strolin-Benedetti
  • E. Chesne
  • P. Dostert
  • H. Cao Danh
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratoires FournierCentre de Recherches de DaixFontaine les DijonFrance

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