Nuclear Rotation in the N≅Z≅36 Region

  • K. P. Lieb
Conference paper


Heavy ion fusion reactions have provided evidence for pronounced variations of the nuclear moment of inertia as function of the rotational frequency ℏω and nucleon number A. These variations have been linked to the alignment of particles in high j orbits, reduction of pairing correlations, shape coexistence or other changes of the collective and/or single-particle structure. For several reasons, the N ≅ Z = 34–40 region offers an excellent testing ground for such effects: these nuclei are among the most deformed of the periodic table with deformation parameters β2 = 0.3–0.4; they often are γ-unstable, triaxial or shape coexistent; particle alignment involving the g9/2 proton and/or neutron orbit occur at ℏω ≅ 0.5 MeV, e.g. in a spin region easily accessible to standard γ-ray spectroscopy on discrete transitions.


High Spin State Yrast Band Nucleon Number Ground Band Shape Coexistence 
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