Possibilities to Measure Electroweak Effects in Muonic Atoms

  • L. M. Simons
Conference paper


At first glance, muonic atoms offer several attractive features for parity violation studies compared to the proposals in atomic physics with electronic atoms. First, the overlap of the muon wave function with the nucleus is (mμ/me)2 times more than in electronic atoms with correspondingly larger weak interaction matrix elements. Also, the structure of these atoms is as simple as the hydrogen atom. This facilitates the calculation of the relevant matrix elements, and hence makes the interpretation of an eventual experiment feasible to a high degree of accuracy. Next, the preparation of a pseudoscalar observable is possible either via the natural polarization of a muonic atom produced with a polarized muon beam or via the detection of the decay electron from the ground state.


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  • L. M. Simons
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  1. 1.Schweizerisches Institut für NuklearforschungVilligenSwitzerland

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