Neurological Manifestations

  • E. Maida
  • E. Horvatits


Neurological manifestations are common features of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). They concern all levels of the central nervous system as well as peripheral nerves and muscles [1]. Depending on the type and extent of the lesions and on different combinations located throughout the nervous system, they present a great variety of neurological symptoms and syndromes. This led Dubois [28] to state that nervous system SLE has replaced neurosyphilis to be the “big imitator”. Indeed, the diversity of clinical findings may pose diagnostic problems, especially in cases of first manifestations of SLE in the nervous system, and in cases with non-focal, non-specific symptoms of multiple possible origins like depression and headache. The diagnostic difficulties are sustained by the fact that there exists no relevant examination by which nervous system SLE can be indentified with certainty. However, early diagnosis of nervous system involvement in SLE is not a medical problem alone. Because the manifestations may lead to incapacitation, predominantly in young people, they are also of important social relevance.


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