Experience with Fibrin Glue in Vascular Surgery

  • W. Simma
  • H. Hesse
Conference paper


Stimulated by the experience especially of traumatological and cardiac surgeons with fibrin glue (Immuno, Vienna) this substance has been tested and used for preclotting of bifurcation prostheses.

In 211 cases operated on for artery sclerotic disease of the aorta, the iliac arteries and the peripheral vessels, preclotting of the Dacron prostheses was done with fibrin glue.

With no additional loss of time an absolutely bloodtight prosthesis can be achieved. The considerable advantages of this method are: A marked reduction of blood loss, the possibility of full heparinization of the patient from the very beginning of the operation onwards and above all the fact that in the case of a ruptured aortic aneurysm the prosthesis is immediately sealed tightly.

Up to now our experience has shown excellent healing of prostheses so treated and absolute reliability as regards stability and tightness of the graft.

Key words

Arterial occlusive disease revascularization Dacron prostheses preclotting with fibrin glue 


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  • W. Simma
  • H. Hesse

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