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Infarction Due to Metabolic Processes Other than Vessel Occlusion

  • Jens Møller


Like other cells, the cells in the arterial wall and myocardium are subject to changes in metabolism. We know from embryology that in the early stages of development the vascular system consists of a series of vessels in which the blood is kept circulating by the rhythmical contraction of their walls. After a short time, parts of the vessels undergo changes which result in the formation of the heart. Once the heart is established, the continued circulation of blood depends on the regular contraction of the muscular substance of its walls. This common origin underlies the possibility that lesions of the arterial wall and infarction have the same cause. Indeed, it would be unscientific to suggest that anaerobic metabolism has an effect on certain cells but not on others.


Cholesterol Sugar Dioxide Magnesium Depression 


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