The Molecular Genetics of Human T Cell Leukemias and Lymphomas

  • Jan Erikson
  • Carlo M. Croce
Conference paper
Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 132)


Specific chromosomal translocations are consistently associated with particular malignancies suggesting they play a role in neoplastic development (Klein 1981; Yunis 1983). Studies on the translocations present in Burkitt1s lymphoma have shown they result in the association of the c-myc oncogene with the 5′ end of either the IgH locus on chromosome 14, or the CK or Cλ loci on chromosome 2 and 22 respectively. A consequence of this juxtaposition is the deregulation of the participating c-myc oncogene (Croce and Nowell 1985). In addition the IgH locus has been implicated in the translocations present in other B cell leukemias and lymphoma (Tsujimoto et al. 1984a, 1984b). The Ig loci’s unique feature of B cell restricted DNA rearrangement prior to functional expression may be responsible for targeting the Ig loci for B cell associated translocations. Similarly, the alpha and beta chain genes which compose the serologically defined T cell receptor are rearranged and expressed specifically in T cells (Davis et al. 1984). The experiments presented in this paper demonstrate the participation of the T cell receptor a chain gene in the t(11; 14) and the t(8; 14) translocations in T cell malignancies and show that in the later case this participation may be responsible for the deregulation of the c-myc oncogene.


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