Changes of the Membrane Surface Potential Measured by Amphiphilic Fluorescent and ESR Probes

  • M. J. Nałȩcz
  • A. Szewczyk
  • L. Wojtczak


A difference in the electric potential is usually formed at the boundary between two phases due to the transfer of ions and/or electrons from one phase to another. This occurs when ions or electrons dissociate from one phase and become associated with molecules of the other phase or when some mobile ions have different solubility (mobility) in either of the phases. The potential difference between the surface of phase A and a point infinitely distant from the interface within phase B is defined as the surface potential (more precisely: potential at the surface) of phase A.


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  • M. J. Nałȩcz
  • A. Szewczyk
  • L. Wojtczak

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