White Beam Laue Diffraction: Data Processing Developments and Results for Single Crystal Data

  • J W Campbell
  • I J Clifton
  • M Elder
  • P A Machin
  • S Zurek
  • J R Helliwell
  • J Habash
  • J Hajdu
  • M M Harding
Part of the Springer Series in Biophysics book series (BIOPHYSICS, volume 2)


Polychromatic synchrotron x-radiation is being used at Daresbury to record single crystal Laue diffraction data for several purposes, time resolved crystallographic studies of proteins being a most exciting example.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • J W Campbell
    • 1
  • I J Clifton
    • 1
  • M Elder
    • 1
  • P A Machin
    • 1
  • S Zurek
    • 1
  • J R Helliwell
    • 2
  • J Habash
    • 3
  • J Hajdu
    • 4
  • M M Harding
    • 5
  1. 1.SERC Daresbury LaboratoryWarringtonUK
  2. 2.York University and Daresbury LaboratoryUK
  3. 3.York UniversityUK
  4. 4.Oxford UniversityUK
  5. 5.Liverpool UniversityUK

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