Kinetics and Equilibria of Octopus Hemocyanin Association

  • K. E. van Holde
  • Karen I. Miller


Molluscan hemocyanins are constructed from decamers of large polypeptide chains (see van Holde and Miller, 1982, Ellerton et al., 1983). Although complete dissociation of these molecules is readily effected, quantitative reassociation has not been possible in most cases where it has been tried (see, for example, van Holde and Cohen, 1964; Siezen, 1974; Brouwer et al., 1978). However, as shown by Miller and van Holde (1982), dissociation of the hemocyanin of Octopus dofleini is completely reversible. Addition of sufficient quantities of a divalent cation (Ca2+, Mg2+) results in the quantitative reassociation of subunits into functional decameric molecules, indistinguishable from the native hemocyanin by physical techniques (van Holde and Miller, 1985). Because of this behavior, we felt that this system would be an excellent candidate for studies of the kinetics of reassociation of a molluscan hemocyanin. Virtually nothing is known of such processes.


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  • K. E. van Holde
    • 1
  • Karen I. Miller
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  1. 1.Oregon State UniversityCorvallisUSA

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