Physical Aspects of Tracheo-Oesophageal Shunt Prostheses (Pressure — Flow Measurements of a Model Prosthesis)

  • F. Schön
Conference paper


Prostheses for speech restoration are part of a very complex physiological system. One component of this system, the prosthesis itself and its interaction with the trachea, can be studied in vitro. Moreover, its behavior can be understood on the basis of aerodynamics. A mathematical model of this system is not only extremely helpful in the area of prosthesis design, but also improves our understanding of the more important interactions with the oesophageal system.


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  1. Moon JB et al. (1983) Evaluation of Blom-Singer tracheoesophageal puncture prostheses performance. J Speech Hearing Research 26:459–464Google Scholar

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