Selected Aspects of ENT Surgery in Central Midfacial Lesions

  • W. Elies


One hundred and ninety-five patients suffering from frontal head injuries are reported on. The strategy for the ENT surgeon is worked out. The aims are early surgery, reconstruction of the damaged bony substructure, and achievement of good sinonasal drainage to prevent disturbed mucosal discharge from the paranasal sinuses and therefore late complications like mucoceles and pyoceles. Duval leaks of the frontobasal and ethmoidal area have to be closed by a multilayer technique using fibrin tissue adhesive. In 110 patients dural leaks were proved intraoperatively but only 55% of them had clinical signs thereof. Early and late complications after frontal head injuries as well as operative techniques for this type of surgery are described in detail. Furthermore surgery for pituitary tumors of small and medium size using the rhinosurgical approach is discussed.

Key words

central midfacial lesions CSF leakage muco-pyoceles of the paranasal sinuses fibrin tissue adhesive pituitary tumor removal 


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