Fibrin Sealant (Tissucol/Tisseel) in Ear Surgery (A 4-Year Experience)

  • G. Babighian


Since 1981 we have adopted the fibrin sealant Tissucol in many otosurgical and otoneurosurgical operations. The present paper briefly reports our experience resulting from 372 procedures performed over a 4-year period (1981–1984) in which Tissucol was used as a glue, or as a sealing or supporting agent.

In order to obtain better information on effectiveness, we compared homogeneous groups of cases, differing only in that the fibrin sealant had been used or not during surgery. Results show that Tissucol provides a most valuable, physiological aid to the performance of the skilled ear surgeon, yet it cannot substantially interfere with the outcome of the operation.

Key words

Fibrin sealant otosurgery 


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