Mesenchymal Tumor Markers: Special Proteins and Enzymes

  • H. F. Otto
  • R. Berndt
  • K. Schwechheimer
  • P. Möller
Part of the Current Topics in Pathology book series (CT PATHOLOGY, volume 77)


The differential diagnosis of sarcomas is difficult. Different sarcomas can exhibit almost identical histological features when examined with light microscopic techniques. The visualization of structural and functional proteins in the tumor cells, using immunohistochemical methods, is an important factor in establishing a precise diagnosis. However, it is imperative to be familiar with the reaction range of the antibodies of the different tumors. The literature does not provide uniform findings with regard to the reaction range of “histiocytic” markers and thus far, there are no systematic investigations for ferritin and transferrin when applied to soft tissue tumors. This is why, in addition to the literature, we rely on our investigations carried out on 73 soft tissue sarcomas and 16 benign soft tissue lesions. Antisera have been used against the following proteins: desmin (Euro Diagnostics), myoglobin, lysozyme, ax-antitrypsin, ax-antichymotrypsin, ferritin, transferrin, factor VHI-related antigen, and S-100 protein (all from Dako). Myosin was identified on frozen sections of selected tumors with monoclonal antibodies.


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