Methods for Disposal of Chemical Carcinogens and Spillage Treatment

  • Marcel Castegnaro
  • Eric B. Sansone


“Good laboratory waste management begins with preventive measures, that is, identification of steps that can be taken to reduce the volume of chemicals that enter the waste disposal process and to prevent unusual, difficult disposal problems.” In this statement, Joyce (104) summarizes the first step to be taken when setting up an experiment to approach sensibly a disposal problem. Although written for the more general problem of laboratory chemicals, it applies strictly to that of chemical carcinogens.


Sulfuric Acid Cyclophosphamide Pyrene Hypochlorite Dimethylformamide 


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  • Marcel Castegnaro
    • 1
  • Eric B. Sansone
    • 2
  1. 1.Unit of Environmental Carcinogens and Host FactorsInternational Agency for Research on CancerLyon Cedex 08France
  2. 2.Environmental Control & Research Program NCI-Frederick Cancer Research FacilityProgram Resources Inc.FrederickUSA

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