Toadstools Accumulating Amatoxins

  • Theodor Wieland
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Most of the fatal intoxications by mushrooms occur after ingestion of the Amanita species. The amatoxins, cyclic peptides solely responsible for those cases, have also been detected in Galerina and Lepiota species, which, although seldom, have been consumed with fatal consequences. A recent review has been published by Besl et al. (1984). The hazardous Amanita may be confused with various edible mushrooms, although for an expert, it is not difficult to recognize poisonous ones. The counsel of folklore is useless, for example, whether or not a silver spoon darkens on cooking the mushrooms has no bearing on the edibility. However, a simple color reaction exists for α-,β-, and γ-Amanitin, which will be described on p. 26. The toadstools, which accumulate amatoxins, are listed in Table 2.


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