Approach Problems in Anterior Third Ventricle Tumors: Review of 33 Cases

  • V. Lupret
  • I. Jelicic
Conference paper


In surgical treatment of anterior third ventricle tumors different approaches are used regarding the pathologic process and site (Stein 1977; Hirsch et al. 1979; Patterson and Danylevich 1980; Viale and Turtas 1980; Rhoton et al. 1981; Suzuki et al. 1984). Although anatomic tumor site determines surgical approach, we see from papers presented today and from publicated material that neurosurgeons use differentapproaches in treating tumors of same anatomic site with equal success (Long and Chou 1973; King 1979; Shucart and Stein 1978; Hirsch et al. 1979). That confirms the opinion that during tumor exposure and removal extremely’ precise microsurgical technique with preservation of vascular irrigation and drainage is of essential importance.


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  • I. Jelicic
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