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Toxicity of Repeat Isoflurane? A Preliminary Report

  • C. E. Blogg
  • J. W. Sear
  • J. Dunnet
  • D. Brighouse
Part of the Anaesthesiology Intensive Care Medicine/Anaesthesiologie und Intensivmedizin book series (A+I, volume 182)


Hepatitis related to halothane has been found to follow about 1 in 35000 halothane anaesthesia [1]. One of the most important factors in unexplained hepatitis following halothane (UHFH) is repeated exposure to halothane within a short period, and the results of the investigation of a prospective series of patients undergoing radium implantation in Oxford in 1973–1974 appeared to confirm the association [2]. Subsequently, there has been extreme reluctance to repeat the use of halothane for anaesthesia within a few weeks (especially in middle-aged, obese women being treated for carcinoma of the cervix), despite other reports which show lack of adverse hepatic effects [3, 4].


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  • C. E. Blogg
  • J. W. Sear
  • J. Dunnet
  • D. Brighouse

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