Commentary with Corresponding Schemata

  • Auguste Wackenheim
  • Armelle Badoz
Part of the Exercises in Radiological Diagnosis book series (RADIOLOGICAL)


This slice passes through the hepatic dome and through the upper vertebral body of T11 (20) (section plane 1). At this level the thoracic part of the esophagus passes through the diaphragm (14, 15)and becomes the abdominal part, to end at the cardiac orifice of the stomach (10). The posterior inframediastinal space is occupied by the aorta (17)and the azygos vessels (18, 19). The thoracic duct is not visible; this can be demonstrated only with lymphography.


Bile Duct Hepatic Vein Inferior Vena Renal Vein Hydatid Cyst 
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