Anatomical Aspects of the Intervertebral Disc

  • J. Roland
  • S. Bracard
  • D. Forlodou
  • C. Moret
  • L. Picard
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The use of nucleolysis obliges the physician to bring his knowledge up to date, not only concerning the disc itself but also concerning its surroundings, if for no other reason than to choose the path of needle approach. Numerous routes of penetration are in fact possible, each leading to quite different difficulties or complications. For this reason the following anatomical study concerns not only the disc but also its general area. Only the L4–L5 and L5–S1 discs and the elements aiding comprehension of the action and the performance of nucleolysis are treated here.


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  • J. Roland
  • S. Bracard
  • D. Forlodou
  • C. Moret
  • L. Picard

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