Thermodynamic Parameters of Biopolymer-Water Systems

  • Madeleine Lüscher-Mattli


It has been recognized that biopolymer-associated water plays an important role in the folding and reactivity of native biopolymers. There is, however, a lack of understanding of the basis of this solvent control of biochemical reactivity. Investigation of the energetics of biopolymer hydration processes thus seems to be essential to improve our understanding of the biological (and possibly pathological) functions of water.


Specific Volume Water Sorption Hydration Water Partial Specific Volume Critical Water Content 
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equilibrium relative water vapor pressure at a given experimental temperature T and constant (isosteric) water content h (g H2O/g biopolymer) or n (mol H2O g -1biopolymer)


water content (g H2O g-1biopolymer)


critical water content (g H2Og-1 biopolymer) (“monolayer” content)


experimentally determined specific volume, [cm3 g-1]; (v=l-1 density)

\(\bar{\rm v}_1^0\)

partial specific volume of pure liquid water

\(\bar{\rm v}_1\)

partial specific volume of component 1

\(\bar{\rm v}_2\)

partial specific volume of component 2

\(\Delta \bar{\rm v}_2\)

difference in partial specific volume of component 2, v2, obtained by extrapolation of v versus W I functions to WI = 0, and v 2 obtained experimentally at WI =0


apparent specific volume of component i


weight fraction of component i

\(\Delta_{\rm a}\rm G_i^0, \Delta_{\rm a}\rm H_i^0, \Delta_{\rm a}\rm S_i^0\)

standard isosteric molar Gibbs energies, enthalpies and entropies of sorption

\(\Delta_{\rm a}\rm G_m^0, \Delta_{\rm a}\rm H_m^0, \Delta_{\rm a}\rm S_m^0\)

standard integral molar Gibbs energies, enthalpies and entropies of sorption


enthalpy of vaporization of pure water at 298.15K


enthalpy of water fusion


temperature of water fusion


standard enthalpies of wetting

\(\Delta_{\rm a}\rm H_{cal}^0\)

calorimetrically obtained molar enthalpies of water sorption (or desorption)

Δa Had

adiabatic molar enthalpies of water sorption


experimentally observed specific heat capacity

\(\bar{\rm c}_{\rm p,1}\)

partial specific heat capacity of component 1

\(\bar{\rm c}_{\rm p,2}\)

partial specific heat capacity of component 2


apparent specific heat capacity of the biopolymer

\(\bar{\rm c}_{\rm p}^0\)

partial specific heat capacity of the pure liquid water


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