Papillomavirus Infections and Cancer

  • K. J. Syrjänen


Genital warts as a disease have a long history dating back to the Roman-Hellenistic era, when these lesions were accurately described and named condylomas or figs (Bäfverstedt 1967; Oriel 1981). Throughout the centuries, genital warts were considered to the associated with venereal diseases and were commonly thought to be transmitted by homosexual intercourse among males (Oriel 1981). It was not until 1954, however, that their venereal transmission was documented (Barrett et al. 1954). Viral particles had been observed in skin warts in 1949, but it took some 2 decades to identify them in genital warts (Dunn and Ogilvie 1968). The structure of the viral particles in these two lesions proved to be identical, and the agent is currently known as human papillomavirus (HPV) (Melnick et al. 1974).


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