Nuclei of the Lateral Lemniscus: Anatomy and Physiology

  • Dexter R. F. Irvine
Part of the Progress in Sensory Physiology book series (PHYSIOLOGY, volume 7)


The axons of neurons in CN and SOC ascend to the midbrain on each side in LL (see Fig. 1). Embedded within the fibers of LL is a band of cells, extending from the region immediately rostral to LSO to just ventral to IC. Traditionally, two nuclear groups have been distinguished within this cell band — a dorsal nucleus (DNLL) ventral and slightly lateral and caudal to IC, and a ventral nucleus (VNLL) extending from rostral SOC to DNLL (e.g., Berman 1968; Ramon y Cajal 1909; Stotler 1953; Taber 1961). Within the traditionally defined VNLL a number of regions can be distinguished on cytoarchitectonic grounds (Adams 1979; van Noort 1969; Roth et al. 1978; Taber 1961). Although there is a considerable overlap between these regions, the cytoarchitectonic differences, in conjunction with differences in connections, have prompted a redefinition of the cell groups ventral to DNLL. In the revised scheme, VNLL comprises a ventral region of oval cells and a vertically extended region of multipolar and horizontal cells — termed by Adams (1979) the ventral and medial zones of VNLL. The region of sparsely distributed multipolar cells between VNLL so defined and DNLL — termed by Adams (1979) the dorsal zone of VNLL — is designated the intermediate nucleus (INLL; Brunso-Bechtold et al. 1981; Glendenning et al. 1981; Kane and Barone 1980). Hypertrophy of INLL and VNLL has been described in some mammals with ultrasonic hearing, viz., the dolphin and some bats (Zook and Casseday 1982a; Zvorykin 1964).


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