Temporary intra-articular stabilization of the knee joint with a synthetic band: Animal experiments and first clinical experience

  • C. J. Wirth
  • M. Jäger
Conference paper


Replacement surgery of ligaments has so far utilized auto-, homo- or heterologous transplants. The advantage of these materials lies in their acceptance by body tissues, their disadvantage in their need for prolonged immobilization with its inherent problems for bone and soft tissues. Plastic materials, in contrast, have the advantage of immediate joint stabilization with the possibility of early mobilization. Fatigue and wear are disadvantages caused by stress changes. Rupture of the material causes failure of the whole procedure. Therefore the clinical aspect of early mobilization with adequate stabilization especially for the replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament gains importance. Therefore, we undertook to combine both principles – the immediate stabilization of the joint with a synthetic band and the auto-, homoor heterologous transplant with its subsequent integration into body tissue. After adequate stabilization by the transplant it should be feasible to remove the synthetic band without problems. Therefore, the surface of the synthetic band had to prevent the integration of connective tissue. The fixation of the band had to facilitate its removal through small incisions without opening the joint.


Anterior Cruciate Ligament Pivot Shift Early Mobilization Lateral Femoral Condyle Joint Stabilization 
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  • C. J. Wirth
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  • M. Jäger
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  1. 1.Munich Orthopaedic HospitalMunichFederal Republic of Germany

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